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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 26, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EST

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t quiet here. you will hear the -- you'll hear about the hottest tea parties. that is 10:00 p.m. eastern. than s is. glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, here is the question you need to secure self, do i have a right to own things? and where is god, and do i matter? let's get some perspective here. tonight, we have to ask ourselves one more question, this phrase, a quote from the extremist revolution air rise "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that's what's in the declaration of independence, but is that what they really meant? the answer is no.
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this was a change. do you know what it was changed from? i'll tell you here in just a second. well, hello, america. happy thanksgiving. thank you for being here. i'm happy you are joining us. i have been preparing for this holiday by eating non-stop for about eight months now. i just want to get my stomach in shape. it is the own he only exercise i do, eating pudding. anyway, it is a great time of year because we are reminded that we have a lot to be thankful for in this country. please, i beg of you, pray like you have never prayed before and give thanks. as bad as things may be, we still are living in the most amazing time and the most amazing country in the history of mankind. we often take the simplest
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things for granted. we must stop doing that. we must look at each and every freedom that we have and be grateful. we must be grateful for our homes, even if we are struggling to stay in them. we don't realize how fragile our liberties really are. you remember the way it was on september 11th, on september 11th, we realized, oh, my gosh, our country is fragile. it could be snatched away at any given moment. as you're sitting in your home tomorrow, i want you to think about your home, you know, the phrase used to be a man's home is his castle. a man's home is the shelter from the storm. it's been purchased by you. it's been painted by you. it's been decorated by you. it has your pictures in it. it is yours. or is it? right now, the poorest of the poor, they don't have the money to stay in their homes and that's why seiu and acorn and the president and everybody is fighting to keep those people in their homes. the poorest of the poor, they
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don't have the money to go against the big evil bank or companies that want to take those homes. that's the whole housing crisis. keep people in their homes, because the home is sacred. you own it. unless we can take that home as the government, and give it to somebody else who will give us more for that property in tax dollars. thrses's a new story out of brooklyn, new york today. in brooklyn, families want to keep their home. they don't have any desire to move. but no, no, no, brooklyn sees a ton of tax dollars to be made. this isn't about the developer. no, there is a rich developer involved, but this is about the government getting those tax dollars i have been telling you for the last few days, they're going to find any way to squeeze the maximum amount of tax dollars oust you, and they will crush anyone who stands in
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their way. owner of the new jersey nets, bruce rattner, wants to build a new home arena for his team on a $4.9 billion 22-acre site in brooklyn, new york, so he's willing to take the homes. the homeowners don't want to sell. the transit authority has a rail yard there. they don't want to move it, so what does the well-connected real estate tycoon do? he goes to the government, and voila! new york's court of appeals, the highest supreme court in new york, they use the state's "use of eminent domain" for the atlantic yards project in brooklyn. let me show you the last time this happened. it happened in new london, connecticut. suzette kilo was her name. you may remember her, because she was a homeowner in new london, connecticut. she had the not for sale sign on that house. look at that, nice house, right? it was her dream. this is a home of her own, until the progressive politicians
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decided they were going to act on that dream, because they had a dream as well. they had a vision for their town, and they wanted to revitalize it, and they thought bringing in a big company like help them. they decided that the town's savior like be a giant drug manufacturer, the drug company pfizer, so they picked out some land, great for pfizer, bad for suzette. her home was right where pfizer wanted it to be in the town that wanted the tax dollars. they were practically coveting those tax dollars, couldn't wait. well, she didn't want to move, so she fought. in this system of government, we have always fought for the small guy, well, not anymore. the case made its way all the way to the supreme united statee court in 2005. the state used the public use argument under the fifth amendment. you may think how like people forced to sell their homes to a private drug company in any way public use?
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well, it's a good question. here is their explanation. if an economic project creates new jobs, creating tax revenues an revitalizes depressed tax urban areas, then that project qualifies as public use. that didn't make sense to me. then and it doesn't make sense now. the court went along, 5-4 count. how is the economic growth in new london. you want to see the new plan? this is a progressive idea in action. this is it, baby. well, that is where it like have been, but they mowed suzette's house down and now it is just an empty parking lot, because, yeah, pfizer decided not to build the building, so all those people in new london forced to sell their homes for the greater good got this. not a revitalization, you know, project, and i'm not a revitalization expert, but that doesn't look like an upgrade from suzette's home. maybe it's just me. this court decision basically rendered the term "public use"
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in the fifth amendment meaningless, and now all we have to show for it is the beautiful empty dirt lot. it was hailed as victory helping many for just a few. the press called it a setback to the property r. property rights movement as if property rights was a movement. it is not a movement. it is a right. pfizer is still keeping the land, by the way. they bought it cheap and got a huge tax break to move there, so they're not going to -- they'll let it sit empty but they're not going to get rid of it. so much for creating jobs an tax revenue and revitalization. once again, the government to the rescue. it is this america -- let me ask you this question -- is this what the pilgrims had in mind when they hopped on to that boat and ventured out into the ocean into the unknown.
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do you think they like be happy about land grabs for a basketball stadium. it is an interesting free loan that has been forced upon the citizens of california. wow, what a great deal. let me get this right. i get to make you a loan for the money. i don't get anything out of it, and i don't have any choice, and then i get iou's at tax time, which california has already done. gee, where do i sign up for that. perhaps the most egregious use of power comes out of new york where they're they're letting land be grabbeding, they are spending $2 billion to bail out the m.t.a. so where did $1.5 billion come from for that bailout? a retroactive tax.
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they went into the tax capicitor and used the money you have been taxed upon. where i come from, that's call theft. stealing. criminal. taking from some and giving to others is only a byproduct of the real goal of the progressive movement. control. control of your life. they will tell you where to live. they know what's best for you and the town. they believe you will always choose your selfish interest over the collective interest, are and the self-doesn't matter to progressives, so they feel it's necessary to tell you what to do. look what they're doing in massachusetts with healthcare. they have a bill now that underr a an emergency will allow the government to force vaccinations. ok, that's been done before but in this bill, you can go into a person's house and destroyed unspecified things that the state should feels should be destroyed. get the hell out of my house! how about your property rights?
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how about your property rights when this country took over g.m. or chrysler? if you were a bondholder, they just came, violated the bond market, and just took it from you are! that was your money that was your decision and the government just took it. how about the unions? the government didn't care. they just came and took it from you. how is the little guy? i mean, if it were you, if it were your home, if it's your share of chrysler, how are you making out? is it you or the private drug company in new london that is making out best here? is it you or the real estate tie thai coon in new york that is really making it, is it you or the one really politically connected, really in with the right people? maybe it's just me, but i'm not really seeing the great benefit
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for the little man or you. look at the cities with the most poverty. progressives have been in control of the top ten highest poverty cities 92% of the time since 1965. progressives destroy the little man, and now, they're just taking homes, because they can. for other private entities to use. pilgrims like be smacking us upside the head with those big funny shaped hats they used to wear if they saw the direction they were headed in. they fled their oppressive government in favor of sailing dangerous waters across a vastly largely unknown ocean in hopes of finding land and in hopes of not being killed by the american indian. for all they knew, they like sail around forever just to get away from ran oppressive government and then to be eaten by a lie on, a tiger or a bear. they came here in the hope
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that they could survive and then have something. that something was called freedom. we are stomping all over the pilgrims this holiday, and everything they risked. it doesn't seem to matter. do you know the line i started at the beginning of the program -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! that originally wasn't life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it was originally "life, liberty and property." do you know why it of changed? thomas jefferson wrote, life, liberty and property, but they changed it because the founders, you know, those evil hating slave masters, those people that just hated everybody? they wanted to stop slavery so they said we have to lose the word property because the south will say it's in the declaration
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of independence, and it must always remain there because we have slave owners. we owned people. right, you're losing now property. it's not about the slaves. it's about property. life, liberty and property. let me show you how far we have come. the new basketball arena, where they're planning on building, because of blight, we just tear down those homes. i already showed you the blight in new london they had to tear down, but here in new york, there was another area that was filled and riddled with blight, and the wealthiest man in new york at the time, he was the george soros, and his name was john d. rockefeller. he just lived a few blocks from the blight and he wanted that blight out of his neighborhood. well, he originally was going to build a giant opera house, but then he got into a squabble with them and decided to build some other buildings. let me show you some things that nobody ever looks at. do we have the full screen of the buildings?
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it's 30 rockefeller plaza. you see these pictures of 30 rock, but they are giant, giant buildings. this is 30 rock, nbc building, ok? and this is a multi-block, radio music city hall and simon and schuster is here and across the street is part of the rockefeller plaza and behind is the ice rink. there is something that really bothered me when i was walking to work with rockefeller plaza, because this is a streamline icon. this is a building that everybody has seen. this was the quintessential america set of buildings, but then there' this building and this building. this is, i don't even know, victorian. they just stuck out. i didn't understand. why like you have those two buildings there in this multi-block project? bring up the picture of the construction site back in the 1930's when they were building this.
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can you do that? here it comes. here are the two buildings. why were they there? that's weird. let me show you this. here is 30 rock. it comes down like this. and here is these two little strange buildings. why? well, they were held by two different peoples. one of these buildings, i think it was this one, was actually owned by a guy who was just holding rockefeller hostage. i mean, he was asking for a gazillion dollars and rockefeller was, like, that's ridiculous, but this family owned building, an irish bar, owned by their family for a long time. they had come to america and wanted to run a business and wanted to run a bar. well, prohibition was about to end and they knew this was a great location. they weren't going to sell. the most powerful man in the
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country in a blighted community could not take the property from these two people. this guy, he said i'm not paying that price. this guy, no matter what he tried, the most powerful man in the world, could not take this property. 30 rockefeller plaza, and all of rockefeller plaza was supposed to be a monument, a monument to america, and american ingenuity and the future of america, and i tell you, it is. that's why these two oddly victorian-style buildings in the art deco streamlined masterpiece of rockefeller plaza stand there. it is a testament to life, liberty and property. let me show you again new london. as much as rockefeller plaza is a testament of past in america, this is a testament to the america that we are building today. back in a minute.
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glenn: maybe it's just me, but i cannot believe we're here on thanksgiving weekend. my wife said to me last weekend, i think we should just buy a tree this weekend and set it up. i'm thinking, what? it could have been march, as far as i was concerned, time has just flown by. as you're gathering with your friends an relatives, i would ask that you like -- i like
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ask that you like talk to your family and just watch your family, and ask yourself what really matters. use this holiday season as time to renew ourselves. what matters? we were just talking about life, liberty and property, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it's not about property. it's about rights. really, the thing that matters is that your new car that's parked in the garage, is it the fact that you have always given your kids or you have the best brand designer clothes stuffed in your closet? is it imported custom made furniture fit into the house? if you're like me, you are quickly coming to a place to where you realize what is going on. you realize what's on the line, and you're willing to lose every material possession you own. it doesn't moot matter. what matters are our loved ones, our children, and the freedoms that are still intact. we still have everything.
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material stuff is just that. stuff. i don't fear the future. i just want somebody to tell me the truth, and i want somebody to recognize in washington what america really is. it's not stuff. it's an idea, an ideal, it's the individual, but it's more than that. it's each of us with our families, our family values, and a set of guiding principles by which we have lived, and which we live our lives, and when we disconnect from those principles, well, then the country becomes a reflection of us. we must reconnect with those principles that our faers this and their fathers lived their lives for for the past 233 years. you know, everything is too big to fail. but nobody talks about the little guy. nobody talks about the individual. let me ask you this question, and please ponder this over the
2:23 am
holiday season -- heaven forbid anything happens, god help us if al qaeda like come, but imagine if somebody could succeed in blowing up any of our great american icons. if they destroyed all of washington, let's just pretend that we like be as lucky as we were with the world trade center and everybody was gone or most people were gone, and they destroyed the washington monument and everything else, all of our enduring symbols, all the monuments we have always treasured, like it matter? i don't think so. the monuments are meaningless. they are there to remind us who we are. we are not about the structure. we are the people that defeated the most powerful empire on earth as a group of ragtag farming colonists.
2:24 am
we defeated the communists. we walked on the moon. nobody else has ever done that. we are americans, rich or poor, we have always believed in the rugged individualallism an self actualization. we are not the people that i think the people in washington think we are. we are not fearful people. we are not people to give in or give up. we're not about to give in to some whiny mentality where oh, somebody help me. that's not who we are. the only one that is too big to fail is you. the only one that will create your failure is you. the only way the united states government or the united states of america, or we fail as a collective is if we fail as individuals, and the only way
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that guarantees that we as individuals will fail is to depend on the government to prop us up. that is just not who we are. for me, i am thankful for that. right now, in america, there are a lot of people that have been thinking about, oh, geez, i have been sitting in traffic all day, or do we have enough turkey to serve, or oh, geez, your mother is coming tomorrow. whatever it is, i would like to share some thoughts about what we should really be thinking about this thanksgiving and the story of the first thanksgiving, next.could end up behind bars.
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"special report" begins at 6:00 eastern. >> well, hello and welcome back. i would like to be a little politically incorrect, but then you can take four days off and forget about me and how offensive i am. i want to talk a little bit about thanksgiving. what do you have planned? if you're like most americans, you will watch football, and we'll stuff ourselves with too much food, and undo your belt and sit on the couch. that's the way most of us have celebrated thanksgiving for years. when we give any thought to the meaning of thanksgiving, it is usually just real quick. it is the origins and we think
2:31 am
of the pilgrims eating turkey with the indians but that really isn't the true story of the original thanksgiving in america. i have read a great book and i urge to you get it ""america's prophet" all about the role moses played in america. when you talk about thanksgiving, it began on clark's island, 20 miles from plymouth rock. during the first days in the new world with the pilgrims, they believed that they were going to build a new promised land. it was on a stormy friday evening in 1620. a band of nine pilgrims, half a day from their families -- they had to sail away on this little boat and they were a half a day away from the mayflower, scouting for a suitable place to settle. well, it was the morning, and they barely escaped in a skirmish with the indians and now they were scared. they were lost. they were oust food. their oars were broken. they had washed up on a shore. it nearly overturned in this
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heavy storm. well, they made it back to shore, but they only made it on what is almost really a little island but almost a sandbar. the next morning, they drive their sails in search for food. but, they discover the that it was the sabbath now, and rather than sailing back to their families, they spent the rest of the day resting. worshiping, and giving thanks for their deliverance, even the shipwreck lost, under siege, their families away, they gave thanks, honoring the sabbath day to keep it holy. they gave thanks, thanks for being delivered from the hands of the indians, from the storms, from the tyranny of the king. that was america's first true thanksgiving. the pilgrims were so devoutly religious that everything they had done for the past two decades had been to prepare themselves to fulfill their dream of creating god's new
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israel. they wanted to live a new covenant. when they embarked for the new world, william bradford proclaimed their mission was as vital as that of moses when the israel israelites went out of egypt. as i look at the problems of our day, one of the things i look back to is the massachusetts constitution of 1780. the religious sensibilities of those who wrote it. we have this wall of separation of church and state. that is not what the colonists who solidly cemented those states wrote in their founding documents. if you look at article 2, it reits in part, and remember, this is massachusetts "it is the right as well as the duty of all men in society publicly and in stated seasons to worship the supreme being, the great creator and preserver of the universe, and no subject shall be hurt, molested or restrained in his person, liberty or estate for
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worshiping god in the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience." this is massachusetts. today, in that same state, you would be boiled in your own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through your heart just for thinking such thoughts and god forbid you bring a christmas cookie for the other kids at school. that's how far off course we have drifted. but, let me show you something. we really are -- you know, i read a great line the other day that said it is the duty, it is the duty of every person to remember that each person still every day is part of the group that left egypt. we left egypt. we left a ruler. we took and left the pharoah and we went out. this exodus is freedom. that's what america is about. that's what every generation
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should be about, making sure that you leave the tyrant and you are free, but everybody focuses on this part, and not enough on what happened at the mountain, because this is where things really shook apart. people were willing to go back to egypt. we should go back to egypt. we had it better, because we are wandering around in the desert, but this is the important part, because this is where god said, you know, there's ten things, if you just do ten things, you'll be free, and you will be in the land of milk and honey. just ten things. just do these things. you know, i find it very interesting that so many people want to take these ten things out, boy, we can't even talk about those ten things, because they're just crazy. those ten things. no, no, no, we try to erase that, and all we're left with then is egypt. let me show you something. tiffany, can you get me what's on the top of the -- can you put
2:36 am
on the prompter what is on the top of -- this is the washington monument. this is the washington monument. just like in egypt. isn't that strange? there's something here at the top of the washington monument that i don't even know if most people even know. see, we were founded on principles, principles that were imbedded everywhere, everywhere. what is it, tiffany? actually printed right here, "praise be to god," inscribed at the top of the washington monument. nobody can even see that. it wasn't for people to see. there's no building higher. you cannot build higher than this monument, which, strangely, is egyptian. a bible was placed in the
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cornerstone with a lot of other things, but you will also see the jefferson memorial. have you read the words there? the lincoln memorial. read the words of our founders. do you know what the first seal of the united states was supposed to be? the first seal of the united states, the great seal of the united states, this is what jefferson and benjamin franklin wanted it to be. they wanted it to be a pillar of fire, a chariot with the pharoah, the chosen people with the split water and moses with the ten commandments. that was the seal they wanted. progressives have built up this wall of separation between church and state. it's nonsense! it is not what we were founded on. we were found on ten little safety tips that nobody can even put in any public building anymore or dare we utter them. let's take down that fictional
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wall. it never existed. it was to protect the churches. save the republic. let us be grateful to god. let us be grateful for the incredible blessings that he has poured out on each and every one of you. i remind you one more time, the poorest among us, if you are living in this land, even if you're about to lose your job and your house, you are still living at the greatest time in the greatest country with the greatest blessings of any time in the history of all mankind. we may be in the desert wandering around today. some of us may feel like we were just getting out of egypt or in egypt, but the blessings are there, the blessings are there. let's be grateful for them. now i'm going to tell you next about a holiday tradition that i think your family should start. we have been doing it for about
2:39 am
five years. can you make a difference? oh, yeah. you can. next.
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>> i'm annie. i'm six years old. this was the best christmas ever. it snowed really hard. me and daddy took a walk in it. when we came home, daddy picked me up really high, so i could
2:43 am
put the star on top of the tree. we had lots of fun on christmas. glenn: that is from the opening of "the christmas sweater" the play i did with a live orchestra and everything. it is going to be seen in movie theaters december 3, next thursday night, and i invite you to be there. it is an incredible thing to see. one of the messages that i have been trying to get out this year is that no one is too big to fail, and everybody wants to look at the big guy when we are supposed to be looking inside at the little guy, and we are each other's lifeboats. nobody should take money from somebody else and give it to somebody. we should want to help each other. that's what america -- and i think that's what this whole season is supposed to be about, is to give because we want, not because it's taken from us. a few years ago, i read a book called "the christmas jars." i picked it up, and it was the shortest book i could find and it was a weekend, and i read it.
2:44 am
i talked about it on the air, and i actually didn't talk about t i raved about it the following monday. it is something that we have started as a tradition in my own family, a christmas jar. the guy who wrote it, i didn't know him, but the guy who wrote it called me and said, oh, my gosh, i'm the author. you read my book? i did. it's fantastic, out about five years now, jason? >> that's right. glenn: jason wright, now co-author of last year's "new york times" best seller "the christmas sweater." >> good book. glenn: thanks to you. now out in stores, if you're a fan of "the christmas jars," this is the sequel. if you wondered what happened, it is the christmas jars reunion. you can read these in two sittings. they're fantastic, and i recommend that you read them with your family. sit down and read them with your family, because if you got kids that are, are what, over ten,
2:45 am
probably can really understand this, and it would be a great thing to read with your family. tell me quickly the story, because i want to get to the tradition. >> absolutely. the story is simple. a young newspaper reporter just out of college stumbles across this very mysterious magical tradition of the christmas jar and makes it her goal, her mission to write a front-page story revealing the origin of the tradition, wants to expose not in a bad light but a good light where the tradition might have originated and when she finally discovered the origin and writes that story and that story lands on the front page of the paper, she has a very special reunion at the end of the book with someone she couldn't have imagined she would ever see again, and the whole thing sort of comes full circle, and i think that's what you liked about it. glenn: then the reunion is the sequel, because everybody who finished the book, you're like what happened? what's next? so this is, real quick, in a nutshell, what? >> it's two years later. the tradition has blown up in
2:46 am
their community. hope has become the minister of minister of this tradition. she calls it the christmas jar ministry. jars being given away everywhere and she becomes obsessed with a really big number of jars, 1,0001 of jars she wants to give away. she loses sight of the magic that it's really about one jar, not necessarily a million. glenn: in other words, she has gone down the too big to fail road. >> there you go. glenn: whrafs the line i heard you say on the radio program, that it is one jar -- what is if it? >> one jar, one birth, one savior. that's the most important thing to remember about the holiday. glenn: i don't know if you saw in my lunchroom today and you were at my studio -- >> i did. glenn: did you see that? on top of the microwave, we have a christmas jar and it is a tradition in my office and in my home, and it something i encourage you to do. it's not too late to do t we'll explain it in a minute, to really make a difference and connect with the real meaning of christmas, next. .
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glenn: before my dad died, we never thought about money. it wasn't that we were rich, but we weren't poor, either. we just were. we had a nice house. we had a a hot dinner every night. we went to disneyland once and i remember we got all dressed up for the airplane ride. we never really wanted for anything. except perhaps for a little more time together. glenn: that's that's from the performance you will see live from new york on december 3rd in movie theaters across the country. go to for all of the details. i want to talk to you about the christmas jars reunion and author jason wright is here.
2:51 am
the christmas jars tradition is what, exactly? >> very simply, take an empty jar, pickle jar, mayonaise jar, it doesn't matter t doesn't matter how big it s dedicate your spare change to it each day. you don't need to drop a $100 bill in it. it is your spare change. that little act of sacrifice accumulates into a tidy sum of money you can give away to someone anonymously christmas eve. >> we have one in my house. i have one in my closet. everyone has a christmas jar. we fill it up, and then we go and put it on somebody's doorstep the week of christmas, anonymously. we just, you know -- it's great fun for the kids to be able to try to sneak it unto the house -- sneak it up to the house and leave it there. if you haven't started your christmas square at beginning of the year, i would think people would say that would be a good tradition to start next year. >> i hear that a lot. that's not true. go right now as soon as the
2:52 am
program is over, fill it up between now and christmas. we have four or five weeks. cheat a little bit, and go to the bank and get $20 worth of quarters. to the right family in need, $20, $40, $50 might not seem a lot to you but maybe the dad was just laid off or maybe a single mom with a couple of kids has no idea how she will put one thing under the tree for christmas let alone an extravagant kind of christmas but one thing with their name on it, $20, $30, $40 in a christmas jar given none anonymously could change their christmas and could, in fact, change their life. glenn: next week, america, i will share you with a story about the hardest christmas that i had with my kids. it was the year that i was flat broke. it was the year i got my daughter a bell, and actually, i mean, actually, i found myself shopping at c.v.s. for christmas, and i was so low.
2:53 am
i remember that christmas. i also remember are the christmas we did the christmas jars. that first christmas we did it, i remember my kids were still small enough where they were just wired. they couldn't wait, and we got out in the middle of the night, and we parked the car a couple blocks away, and then we snuck up to the house, and the kids ran with the jar. i was afraid they were going to drop it and it would be broken and there would be broken glass and then a lawsuit, but that didn't happen and i remember how vividly great it was. begin to start new traditions. this is christmas jars reunion. it is the sequel to the christmas jars. you will find it in bookstores everywhere. it is a fantastic book and a fantastic tradition. jason wright. >> thank you. if you give a jar away or get a jar, please tell me so i can share the story.
2:54 am
glenn: and the website is? >> christmas >> thank you. introducing the new oreck platinum pilot with a pivoting head, designed to fly through housework. it's 360-degree glide brings cleaning power wherever you need it, turning with a simple twist of the wrist to easily get to the dirt, even around tight corners. the pilot's powerful direct suction generates 102-miles-per-hour of airflow at the floor.... and oreck's brand new double helix brush deep-cleans in virtually one pass... gliding over rugs and carpets, then right onto hardwood or tile ... making it the best cleaning oreck ever! and its soft, flexible body goes low to get under the furniture...not into it. plus, everything the pilot picks up goes directly into oreck's hypoallergenic bag that traps up to 99.9% of all dust and allergens down to point three microns. you'll agree that oreck has packed a ton of
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glenn: every day i come to you and talk about the tough times our country is facing. i have to tell you, i believe we're headed for even more trouble. there is no sign that the government is going to stop hacking away at our freedoms or telling us they need to intervene because some entity is
2:58 am
too big to fail. what i have been trying to tell you is that looking to the government is not the answer. i don't care if the republicans or democrats are in charge. the answer is the opposite of what they are telling us it is. the answer is the individual, the entrepreneur, the dreamer. it's you. the first step to bringing our country back to the principles and the values it was founded on is knowing your individual worth and your individual strengths. i can tell you this now, because it wasn't that long ago now that i hit rock bottom. i was a complete failure. in fact, i have been a failure most of my life. it is just this recent period where things seem to be going well, but it was because i was hiding from ply self and my problems. it wasn't too long ago that i was curled up in a fetal position on a floor in an apartment i could barely afford and couldn't afford the presents for my kids on christmas. i faced a choice. get up, get sober and get your life in order or lay down, give up and die.
2:59 am
there were times that i was so sure that i was going to do the latter, but it was a message from my mom, and quite honestly, my god that allowed me to face my storm and cross through it. i allowed myself to experience redemption, and that is what christmas is really all about. first, you have to be grateful for what we have, and the chance to start all over again, and then recognize that little baby in the manger. next thursday, i am going to be telling my story again. it is the fictionalized account of my life called "the christmas sweater." it is in bookstores and will be in theaters across the country r it is the story that changed my life. it took me nearly 30 years to tell, and after i did, so many people reached out and said it atch fengted them in the same way, so this time, i'm presenting your stories of redemption as well. please, join me for a message of hope and inspiration, redemption
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